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The “Marbella Centro” district is the urban nucleus of a world-renowned paradise. It is approximately four kilometres long and is where the day-to-day life of the municipality is most intense. It is the vital, administrative and festive heart of Marbella.

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A mix of urban and traditional village life


The district “Marbella Centro” is the urban core of a world-renowned paradise. It has an approximate length of four kilometers and is where the day to day of the municipality develops with greater intensity. It is the vital, administrative and festive heart of Marbella..


The centre of Marbella is a wonderful place to live if you like to combine dynamic urban life with a mix of cosmopolitan city and traditional village. It has all kinds of services, well-kept semi-urban beaches, a beautiful promenade, ports, parks, schools, a multitude of shops and restaurants… And, of course, it has an impressive Old Town where you can get lost among squares and alleys with Andalusian flavor.

Where is Marbella Centre?

Of the 115 square kilometers of the city, “Marbella Centro” is the busiest area of the territory. Delimiting where the center begins and ends is not easy because the urban area of Marbella has been expanding in recent years. Now there are new services, shops and properties, but we could say that Marbella center begins in the famous arch of Marbella, right at the entrance of the city arriving from the highway, and ends at the Pirulí tower.
The center runs along an intense stretch of the national road 340. On the coast it would go from the “Playa del Cable” to the beginning of the “Playa de la Fontanilla”, and in its interior area, it would be located more in the Old-Historic Town and its surroundings. The adjoining areas of Marbella Centro would be: on the one hand Gran Marbella, and on the other Marbella East.
As the crow flies, the centre of Marbella can be reached in just 13 minutes by car and in 40 minutes on foot. This makes this area of the city very accessible and comfortable to get around.

Why live in Marbella Centre?

Marbella Centro is the urban core of a world-renowned paradise. In addition to having all the virtues of the city, such as the microclimate caused by the proximity to the mountain, the varied gastronomic offer or the kindness of the neighbors, the center provides a feeling of greater movement, joy and vitality compared to other districts of the municipality. In addition, it houses all the services you may need, and all very close to each other.
The centre of Marbella is the essence of common life for residents and visitors to the city. It is the place where the main festivities are officially celebrated (Christmas, Carnival, Fair, Holy Week …); where sports races or major charity events take place; where there is the highest population density and where the main administrative procedures are carried out. The center is the place in Marbella where you can have more tapas in the sun on the terraces and where the restaurants have more flavor local. Of course, in the center is where the main historical origins of the city of Marbella are located and, fortunately, they are still visible and visitable.
The Centro district of Marbella, in short, is always a constant, but safe and pleasant, hotbed of people living together in harmony. It has, of course, the cosmopolitan air of Marbella as a whole. Citizens from all over the world pass through its streets. Of course, among them, celebrities and celebrities of all kinds who also know how to enjoy its wonderful corners.
Marbella Centro is truly a place to live if you like to combine dynamic urban life with a mix of international city and traditional village.

Why is Marbella Centre full of history?

The visual jewel of marbella’s centre is its Old Town. Thanks to its careful maintenance, when walking through its cobbled streets you still have the pleasant feeling of visiting a typical Andalusian village. It is, today, one of the most photographed places in the city.
We can divide the center of Marbella into different areas, one of the most important being the old castle of Marbella.
The historic center is built on the site of an old medina: A Moorish city with narrow streets that provide shade and freshness. Marbella has archaeological remains that date back to prehistory and countless peoples have lived in it. Especially the Romans stand out, whose passage still remains traces in places like the Roman Bridge. But it was the Muslims, in the Middle Ages, who built the central axis on which the city sits today. They built a fortified castle in the tenth century. The city grew outside the boundaries of its walls. The current design is also the result of the contribution of the Catholic Monarchs and their effort to build churches, Castilian-style squares and stately homes.
Within the architectural ensemble of the Old Town, the beautiful “Plaza de los Naranjos” stands out. This beautiful enclave has had many names since its construction in 1485. It finally received this nickname when the palm trees were removed and the square was replanted with orange trees. It was a wise decision because of the greenery and aroma of orange blossom that they bring to the environment. Today the square is full of large cafes and restaurants such as the emblematic Casa del Corregidor, or the last to open in one of its corners, Lateral Naranjo. The square has a must-see, the Churerría Ramón, which is the oldest in the city.

Where to buy in Marbella Centre.

Marbella center has hundreds of establishments of all kinds. Clothing stores, such as Baloo handmade items such as Ana Ortiz ceramics, antiques such as Bella época (ideal for buying exclusive decoration items), and municipal market where you can fill the fridge with the best qualities. There are also many supermarkets and small shops, such as La Canasta, located in the heart of the Alameda. Almost all stores offer the option of home delivery and many have agreements with the parking lots in the area.
But what the center of Marbella is really great for is to buy authentic and original gifts. D’Oliva, a beautiful shop dedicated to olive oil, which stands out for its uniqueness. There are interesting hat options at MGM Hats; second-hand clothing from Channel and other brands in Vintage Deja vu; wonderful educational toys in Juguettos; wines from all over the world in Casa Pablo Castillejos wines and spirits or cashmere ponchos in Story 1961. The options are wide and a visit to the website of the Association of Merchants of the Old Town is a good reference.
There are also some important national brands such as Mango, Sunglass Hut, Massimo Dutti, Sam Newman or Primor. However, if you want to buy international brands it is more common to go to Puerto Banús, which is a few minutes away by car and has comfortable bus connections.
The best thing about shopping in Marbella’s Old Town, in addition to encouraging local commerce, is the lively atmosphere that is breathed in the streets, often with beautiful decorations or complementary activities to encourage shopping

Where to eat in Marbella Centre.

Marbella center has so many restaurants to choose from, that sometimes it is difficult to choose. In a few square meters there is a great variety of gastronomic establishments, with infinity of flavors from many countries. For example, in the center of Marbella there are many Michelin-starred establishments in recent years. The exquisite Skina or Messina restaurants stand out, where you always have to book well in advance. Other top-notch restaurantsthey are Kava, Zozoi, Entre Limones, Back or Casanis Bistro Marbella.
For tapas, all the bars on Calle San Lázaro are essential: El Estrecho, with more than sixty years of existence, Conpasión, with a more modern touch, Casa Eladio, with the purest Andalusian style.
If you stroll through the park of La Alameda, you can also find numerous quality restaurants. The most popular are Sidrería La Paca or Casa Blanca, where it is best to get a table on the terrace.
If you walk along the promenade of Marbella in the direction of Puerto Banús you will reach the Avenida del Mar, where the offer is endless, and along the promenade the possibilities are numerous as well. Soleo, Garum and Los Mellizos. stand out.Among the restaurants preferred by the neighbors are La Red, with sardine skewers in the heart of the city.
Of oriental profile are the Japanese Ta-Kumi, for its incredible quality, and the Thai Sukhothai, for its elaborate Thai dishes. For families or for a more casual menu, there is Toro Burguer and its tasty burgers or Manuka, with its healthy culinary proposals.

Education and school in Marbella Centre.

The school offer in Marbella Centro is one of the most varied in all of Andalusia. As there are so many nationalities and cultures, the offer and style of education are wide and very varied. These are schools with good academic results and prestige. For private profiles there is a great list such as the French school EFIM or the bilingual nursery Moonlighting. Of course English schools such as Swans or Aloha and the German school in the province of Málaga, which is also in Marbella. Even so, all public schools in Marbella and surrounding areas have buses that easily pick up children in the centre and take them to their facilities.
The center is an area rich in education and extracurricular activities. For music there is the Official Conservatory or the Private Music School of Marbella. As for creativity there is the Momo School of Arts or the Marbella Dance Academy. To learn languages there are many academies such as The Language House, Kids&Us, Inlingua, or Advanced.

What to do with children in Marbella Centre.

The center has green areas, parks and pedestrian streets so you can enjoy the tranquility of an urban area. It is important to know that Marbella is recognized with the “Child-Friendly City” award. So Marbella is not a tourist destination intended only for nightlife. Marbella is ready to offer experiences for the whole family.
Among its parks we must highlight in the first place the Alameda Park. It is the most central park in the city and one of the oldest, in fact, it has beautiful centennial trees. It is the favorite place for grandparents to go with their grandchildren for its shade, its benches and its kiosks with sweets and newspapers. In addition, it flows easily into the Avenida del Mar and the Paseo Marítimo, making it ideal for baby strollers and scooters.
Two other of Marbella’s best parks are in the centre. One is the beautiful Constitution Park, with a children’s play area and an open-air theatrical auditorium; the other, less known, is next to the Xarblanca urbanization and has a lake with ducklings. Also popular are the two-kilometer-long Dam Park, the Vigil de Quiñones woodland, where you can have picnics, the urban Parque de las Cuevas and the fun Paco Cantos sports center.. The playground of the Marina and its original swings complete this great offer.
A couple of minutes from the center towards Malaga, we also have an adventure park with climbing, zip lines and other activities. Do not miss the opportunity to visit Aventura Amazonia.

Hospitals and health centres in Marbella.

Having such a dense population, Marbella has different hospitals and medical centers.
The most central is the Hospital Quirón Marbella where they have internal medicine, all kinds of medical tests, clinical analysis and others.
There is also the Ochoa Marbella Hospital with a wide network of experts from all specialties.
But the offer in medicine does not end here, in Marbella center you can find a wide variety of private specialist doctors of all categories. Like Cliniti, specialists in aesthetic medicine, Doctor Almagro, for nutrition and dietetics, or Marbeclinic for dentistry.

Beaches in Marbella Centre.

The Marbella Centro area has sea views. Its beautiful promenade can be traveled from end to end walking, cycling, skating. Also in the central area of Marbella is one of the most important ports in the city: The Marina La Bajadilla Marina. In this port two completely different environments are mixed.On the one hand, the fishing area, with day laborers who are dedicated to fishing and the repair of boats, and on the other the marina, where there is a small nucleus of bars, pubs and restaurants overlooking the docking of the boats.
As for its beaches, the center has a wilder and wider one, the popular beach of El Cable. In it there are pleasant beach bars such as Bounty Beach, La Dolce Vita or Playa Padre and has networks for the practice of different sports such as beach volleyball. It is also the place where the festivities of San Juan or the moragas between friends are celebrated. The rest of the beaches in the center are semi-urban. La Bajadilla, Río Real, La Venus, El Faro and La Fontanilla are beaches with easy access from the promenade. They are full of dining options, have comfortable showers and have sun loungers or pedal boats for rent.

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Nightlife in Marbella Centre

There is no secret that one of the most important tourist attractives of Marbella is the great amount of nightlife that this city has to offer.
Throughout the city you can find many establishments dedicated to this kind of activity, depending on the style of music, and the moment of the day when you want to enjoy them.
In Puerto Deportivo, you can find Punto Faro, a fantastic place to have a few cocktails, Lemmon Marbella, to enjoy the harbour front while having a drink, or enjoy the best music at Taok, a really popular place to go dancing.
But if you prefer more exclusive pubs and clubs, just a few minutes’ drive away you can also find the famous Olivia Valere, La Suite, with a New York atmosphere, or Momento, a beautiful nightclub located on Marbella’s Golden Mile.

The best area in Marbella Centre to buy a house.

When we talk about Marbella centre we are referring to an area with a high density of construction. Here you can find properties of all kinds.
It is important to have the help of an expert to provide you with good investment advice. Marbella is a prestigious and sought-after town in its own right, but not all areas are of the same standard.
Of course, the most popular area is the beachfront. Marbella has such extensive beaches, depending on what other facilities you need around you you can find different styles of propertys.
Here you can find some of the most impressive frontline beach properties.
Moving further into the urban area of Marbella, we can see the area as being more to the east and more to the west.
To locate on the map, the area of Marbella closest to Puerto Banús would be Puente Romano and La Milla de Oro (Golden Mile). Just as you enter Marbella Centre through this area, you will find some of the most exclusive properties, close to the Plaza del Mar shopping centre. Here you can see an example of a beautiful apartament in the area.
Moving further into the heart of the city centre, we can reach the most central urban core of the whole city. This area has many opportunities. While the properties are a little smaller and older, there are some real marvels that have been completely refurbished and all of Marbella’s activities are just a short walk away. In this area you can see flats for sale as well as for rent.

Other options further up the hill are the villas in Huerta de Belón, or properties in the quiet and exclusive Marbella Sierra Blanca and Cascada de Camoján. In the immediate surroundings of the prestigious Club Med, and just a few minutes drive from the centre, would be the developments of Xarblanca and Don Miguel. Here we can find really nice villas and detached houses of all sizes.
This villa is a perfect example of the different properties that can be found in the area.

villa centro marbella Villa Centro Marbella

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