Pure Living Properties joins ASAPI Málaga to boost the luxury real estate market in the province

Carmen Duran - Jul 8, 2024 - Pure Living News


Pure Living Properties, a leading agency in the high-quality housing market on the Costa del Sol, has joined the Professional Association of Real Estate Agents of Málaga (ASAPI Málaga) to promote the luxury real estate market across the province of Málaga. This strategic alliance confirms Pure Living Properties’ leading position in the premium sector.

“We are very proud to be part of ASAPI Málaga, a union that reinforces our commitment to quality and professionalism and also gives us the opportunity to share experiences with other companies in the real estate sector. At Pure Living Properties, we are convinced that collaboration and knowledge exchange are essential to drive activity in the luxury real estate market, a sector that has become one of the main economic engines of the province,” says Javier Nieto, CEO of Pure Living Properties.

ASAPI Málaga Javier Nieto, CEO of Pure Living Properties.

What does it mean to be a member of ASAPI Málaga?

Joining ASAPI offers multiple benefits for both Pure Living Properties and our clients. Here are some of the main objectives of this union:

  1. Representation and Defense of Interests: ASAPI Málaga acts as an advocate for the interests of real estate agents, ensuring that our practices align with current legislation and ethical standards in the sector.
  2. Access to Shared Resources: Our agents will have access to a wide network of properties and knowledge, facilitating the search for exclusive properties and optimizing the processes of buying, selling, and renting.
  3. Legal and Administrative Support: Having the backing of ASAPI Málaga’s legal advice and other administrative services ensures that all our transactions are carried out with maximum transparency and legality.
  4. Promotion of Professional Synergies: Collaboration with other agents and professionals in the sector allows us to create synergies that benefit both our clients and our company. This translates into a more robust and varied offer of luxury properties.

Why are relationships with other professionals so important?

Joining ASAPI Málaga allows us to strengthen our relationships with other professionals in the sector, from real estate agents to legal advisors. This collaborative approach is crucial for:

– Optimizing Resources and Processes: Sharing knowledge and resources allows us to improve efficiency in the management of real estate transactions, resulting in a more agile and effective service for our clients.

– Access to Updated Information: Constant contact with other professionals keeps us up-to-date with the latest trends and changes in the real estate market, ensuring that we always offer the best options to our clients.

– Continuous Professional Development: Continuous training and professional development are fundamental pillars at Pure Living Properties. Through ASAPI Málaga, our agents will have access to training and development programs that will enable them to continuously improve their skills and knowledge.

Support from Professional Collectives

Joining professional collectives like ASAPI Málaga strengthens our professionalism and client confidence, ensuring that all our operations comply with current regulations and providing a professional support network. ASAPI Málaga becomes the third professional collective to which Pure Living Properties belongs, alongside DOM3, an association that brings together more than 40 companies from various sectors related to high-quality housing, and LPA (Luxury Property Advisors), an entity that brings together the leading luxury real estate advisors on the Costa del Sol.

“These affiliations underline our commitment to quality and excellence in all aspects of our business,” comments the CEO of Pure Living Properties, who also holds the position of spokesperson in the LPA association.

Sharing experiences, creating professional synergies and being at the forefront are the main objectives of Pure Living Properties by joining these associations, which also represent an important professional support.Furthermore, at Pure Living Properties we are not content with just being part of these groups, we are active members and we like to participate in all the professional events that are organised, in order to be always up to date with everything that is happening in the sector and also to contribute our knowledge and experience.

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