“Discover the Andalusian Garden of Puente Romano.”

“With its distinctive tranquility, the Andalusian Garden at Puente Romano is surrounded by a range of activities that will invite you to make the most of your experience.”

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"Andalusian Garden, the luxury of tranquility."

It is at Puente Romano where we can discover one of the most unique spaces in the area: a place where Roman and Moorish architecture combine, and that is the Andalusian Garden.

Where is the Andalusian Garden located and why is it unique?

Inaugurated in 1992 by renowned architects Villaroel, the Andalusian Garden is located to the north of the Tennis Club, being the closest to the hotel.

The complex consists of 12 buildings that include apartments and penthouses, totalling 72 units, with the largest pool within the community.

As its name suggests, the Andalusian Garden embodies an Andalusian style with touches of Roman and Moorish architecture, adorned with palm trees, fountains, terracotta pathways, and dazzling tiles with geometric patterns.

Each block is named after an Andalusian plant, from A to L, such as Acacia, Datura, Eucalyptus, Ficus, Gazania, and Kinto.

The gardens are filled with charming Andalusian plants, including geraniums, jasmine, carnations, bougainvillaea, asters, and hibiscus. You will also find palm trees, ficus, and aromatic plants like rosemary, thyme, lavender, and evening primrose.

Strolling through these gardens is a sensory experience filled with delightful fragrances, in a tranquil atmosphere that highlights its proximity to the beach.

Let’s talk a bit more about the pool

The pool at the Andalusian Garden is the largest among all the gardens of Marina de Puente Romano, featuring a pH level indicator alongside the temperature; with a depth that can vary from 1.5 to 2 meters.

It remains open throughout the year and, during the summer months (July and August), it is staffed with lifeguards. Additionally, there is a sunbathing area with 50 comfortable loungers adorned with cushions, and a pergola that provides ample shade, with the pool illuminated at night.

What can you do in the Andalusian gardens?

If you are looking for a place where you can be yourself and, at the same time, discover new things that can impress you, that is the Andalusian Garden.

We are talking about outdoor activities that take you out of the routine and the daily bubble we live in, activities like photography, hiking, exploring the distinctive architecture of the area, enjoying special celebrations, or, if you are more of a sports enthusiast, you can play tennis, paddle tennis, golf, among many others.

And gastronomy? Where can we enjoy it?

You can enjoy different flavours adapted to all possible palates, even the most demanding ones. That’s why we suggest the following series of restaurants located in Puente Romano with exclusive gastronomy.

  • Rachel’s Eco Love: A restaurant focused on well-being and health, aligned with an organic cuisine that helps care for you both inside and out. But it doesn’t stop there, in addition to offering healthy gastronomy, this restaurant organizes yoga events and brunches to promote the values it seeks to convey to each of its clients. In other words, a restaurant that offers an experience where you connect with yourself in a unique way, away from stress and routine.
  • Leña: If your tastes lean more toward the carnivorous side, let us introduce you to Marbella’s most prominent grill restaurant, located in Puente Romano: the Leña restaurant. Here you can find an extensive menu ranging from vegetarian appetizers to delicious grilled dishes. But that’s not all, this restaurant offers only 50 Tartas Di Rose, one of the most popular desserts from its kitchens, so if you want to taste it, you’ll have to hurry.
  • Lagom!: Located in the Puente Romano Tennis Club, Lagom is the perfect place to sweeten your meals. Here, you can find the best coffee in the entire Marbella area, along with the best breakfasts and lunches, featuring freshly baked pastries.

In these exclusive corners, we invite you to taste them, along with many others, like Nobu, Sea Grill, Coya, and La Plaza, among a wide selection.

What parking facilities are available at the Andalusian Garden?

Each apartment in the Andalusian Garden has one or two parking spaces and storage rooms. There is also a designated private parking area for guests.

Is there 24-hour security at the Andalusian Garden?

The Andalusian Garden offers 24-hour security, with three shifts including administration, concierge assistants, and night surveillance. Additionally, the facilities have internal and external cameras.

The concierge service also handles package deliveries and notifies tenants when necessary.

Can I access the hotel services as a resident or tenant of the Andalusian Garden?

While exclusive services like catering are not accessible, Pure, a recognized service, offers in-home chef services upon request. However, some services are exclusively available to members of the prestigious Puente Romano Owners Club, which requires an annual membership.

So, why choose to live or rent in Puente Romano?

Puente Romano is recognized as one of the most distinguished beachfront complexes in Marbella and the entire Costa del Sol. Its location on the Golden Mile of Marbella places it just 5 minutes from the old town of the city and another 5 minutes from Puerto José Banús, offering an ideal setting.

The gastronomy in Puente Romano is of the highest quality and variety, with restaurants like Leña, Kemuri, VIVO, Rachel’s, Nobu, El Chiringuito, Lagom, and La Plaza. Furthermore, there are constant changes and new additions every year, ensuring a fresh culinary experience. It is especially the lifestyle that can be experienced there that is so unique. Many people return each year, thus finding a community and a youthful atmosphere.

Tennis, the gym, beauty treatments, and water sports are just some of the many additional services available around the hotel, complementing a perfect lifestyle. And the best part is that you can find everything within walking distance.

If you’re a nightlife enthusiast, Puente Romano Square comes alive at night, and numerous clubs, bars, and discos await you within a 10-minute radius.

Are there apartments available for rent in the Andalusian Garden?

Currently, Pure Living offers several apartments available for both sale and rent. During the high season, occupancy tends to be around 100%, while in the mid-season, the average is approximately 50%, and during the low season, it is approximately 10%.

You can take a look at our properties at Pure Living.

Who are the typical owners and tenants in the Andalusian Garden?

The majority of property owners are Spanish, Arab, Belgian, English, Russian, and Irish, with an average age of 50 years or older. More than half of the owners use their property for a season and rent it out for the rest of the year or have acquired it as an investment.

As for tenants, there is a diverse mix that includes young English individuals (28 to 45 years old) who enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Puente Romano and its services.

What are the price ranges for properties in the Andalusian Garden?

All apartments for sale are priced above 3 million euros, reflecting the current market value and indicating a status symbol. Rental prices during the high season are around 1000 euros per day, while during the low season, the average is around 500 euros.

When can construction work be carried out in the Andalusian Garden?

Construction work is not allowed during Christmas until Three Kings’ Day or during Holy Week, June, July, and August. We guarantee a tranquil environment for both residents and high-season renters.

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