How to Get to Marbella from Malaga Airport: A Comprehensive Guide for Discerning Travellers

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como llegar del Aeropuerto de Málaga a Marbella

Marbella, a haven of luxury and distinction on the Costa del Sol, is not only a favorite destination for sun and beach lovers but also a hub for high-level business, leisure, and relaxation. For those wondering how to reach Marbella from Malaga Airport, we’ve put together this thorough guide comparing available transport options.

Knowing the most comfortable way to get from Malaga Airport to Marbella is essential for starting your journey on the right foot. Whether you’re travelling for business, pleasure, or considering investing in luxury real estate in Marbella, finding the perfect mode of transport is key.

In this guide, we will detail each option, from public transport to more exclusive choices like helicopter services, ensuring you find the best way to Marbella that suits your needs and expectations.

Getting to Marbella from Malaga Airport by Bus: An Economical and Flexible Option

For those seeking an economical and practical solution, the bus is a viable option. Portillo-Avanzabus lines L-602 to L-611 connect Malaga Airport with Marbella, with an approximate journey time of 50 minutes. Priced between 6 and 8 euros, the bus is the most affordable choice for reaching Marbella.

However, despite its low cost, it’s important to consider some limitations. The bus service doesn’t operate at night and may experience high demand during peak season. Therefore, reserving your seat in advance is essential to avoid missing out. Additionally, it’s a slower option, ideal for those who are not in a rush.

Tickets can be purchased online via Avanzabus website, or directly at the bus station upon exiting Terminal 3 – Arrivals at Malaga Airport. For updated information on timetables and services, we recommend visiting:

Overall, while not the quickest or most comfortable option, the bus offers an effective and economical solution for those looking to get to Marbella on a tight budget.

transfer privado Pure Living Properties

Private Transfer from Malaga Airport to Marbella with Pure Living Properties: The Essence of Luxury and Comfort

For those seeking an exceptional travel experience Pure Living Properties offers a private transfer service that epitomises exclusivity and comfort. This bespoke service provides personalised transportation from Malaga Airport to Marbella.

Choosing our private transfer ensures peace of mind, as you will be greeted by a professional chauffeur upon arrival, guaranteeing a stress-free start to your journey, replete with utmost comfort. The meeting point is just a few metres from the airport exit, and our chauffeurs are ready to assist with luggage if needed.

Our private transfer service is noted for its personalised attention, high-end vehicles, and flexibility to accommodate your schedule and requirements. Whether for individual travellers, families, or groups, this service eliminates traffic-related concerns.

To arrange any private transfer service, please email or call +34 952 868 945.

Opting for Pure Living Properties’ transfer service means choosing an unparalleled travel experience, where every detail is crafted for your comfort and satisfaction.

Although this service may be priced higher than public transport, the difference in terms of comfort, quality, and the ability to relax and start planning your stay in Marbella from the moment you land is significant.

Taking a Taxi from Malaga Airport to Marbella: Flexibility and Availability

Taxis offer a practical and straightforward solution for the journey from Malaga Airport to Marbella. Upon exiting Terminal 3, you will easily find the taxi stand. Prices vary, but an average fare to Marbella is around 100 euros.

Booking a taxi is simple; it can be done via the phone numbers +34 952 774 488 or +34 952 823 535, or through the Pidetaxi Marbella app. Other options include websites lik Taxi Marbella and Taxi Sol Marbella.

When taking a taxi from the airport to Marbella, it’s important to note that availability may be limited during peak season, with prices and journey times increasing due to factors like traffic and additional charges. Night tariffs, tolls, or holiday surcharges may also apply. For instance, there’s an extra charge of 5.5 euros for trips to or from the airport.

The taxi service is ideal for those who value privacy and comfort, as well as for those seeking a quicker and more comfortable arrival than by bus.

taxi aeropuerto malaga

Requesting an Uber from Malaga Airport to Marbella: Modernity and Flexibility in Your Travel

Uber, the renowned ride-sharing platform, offers a modern alternative for travel from Malaga Airport to Marbella. You can easily request a car through the Uber app pon your mobile phone. Uber prices are competitive and subject to demand, but a trip for four people from the airport to Marbella is estimated to be around 68.79 euros.

VTC services like Uber are only available in an exclusive parking area approximately 100 meters from the arrivals zone. These types of transport are not permitted to pick up or drop off directly at the terminal door.

However, as with any app-based service, prices may fluctuate, particularly during peak hours or the high season. Despite this, Uber remains an attractive option for its ease of use and immediate availability.

Car Rental at Malaga Airport: Autonomy to Explore

Renting a car at Malaga Airport is an excellent choice for those who wish to explore Marbella and its surroundings at their own pace. Car rental provides the freedom to tailor your itinerary and independently visit the Costa del Sol.

Car rental prices vary, with options starting from 18 euros per day. These rates can change depending on the car model and rental duration. For luxury cars, rental can range from a Porsche GT3 at 850€ per day to a Ferrari F8 Spider for 1700€ per day.

If you’re considering renting a car at Malaga Airport for your journey to Marbella, there are some drawbacks to bear in mind, such as fuel costs, tolls, and parking fees, as well as familiarizing yourself with local traffic regulations.

If you finally decide to rent a car, we recommend doing it with Yellow Car, the company offers a great advantage for our clients, allowing them to pick up and return the vehicle in Puente Romano Marbella for free. By choosing this option you will avoid long lines and annoying waits at the airport.

You can rent your vehicle directly at this link

Here is a list of places where you can rent a car at Malaga Airport:

  1. Europcar
  2. Goldcar
  3. Sixt
  4. Hertz
  5. Pepecar
  6. Malagacar
  7. Avis

Additionally, here’s a list of providers specializing in high-end car rentals at Malaga Airport:

  1. Rent Lux
  2. Rent Luxe Car
  3. Marbesol
  4. Luxury Rent a Car


helicóptero Marbella

Helicopter: The Most Exclusive and Unique Option

For the most discerning travellers seeking a truly unique experience, helicopter service from Malaga Airport to Marbella offers the perfect blend of luxury, privacy, and efficiency. This mode of transport is ideal for those who wish to maximize their time and enjoy breathtaking views of the Costa del Sol.

The cost of these services varies based on several factors, such as flight duration, helicopter type, passenger capacity, and any additional requested services. Average prices can range from 300€ per person to over 1500€.

Companies like Mach Helicopters, Heliair Marbella or Marbella Copters, offer VIP helicopter transfers, providing a bespoke service that includes flexible departure times and choice of landing zones. This service is not only ideal for holiday travel but also for professional needs, offering a swift, door-to-door journey with utmost discretion.

Although this is undoubtedly the most expensive option compared to other transport alternatives, helicopter flights offer an unforgettable, high-profile experience.


In conclusion, the choice of transportation from Malaga Airport to Marbella significantly influences your overall travel experience.

From the economical option of the bus to the adaptability of a taxi or Uber, the freedom offered by car rental, or the unique experience of travelling by helicopter, each alternative has its advantages and drawbacks, depending on your preferences and needs.

Pure Living Properties’ private transfer service, with its focus on exclusivity and comfort, stands out as one of the best options, especially for those who value their time, personalised attention, and high-level comfort. This service encapsulates the essence of Marbella, a city synonymous with exclusivity and comfort.

Choosing your mode of transport from Malaga Airport to Marbella is the first step in beginning your experience in one of Europe’s finest cities.

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