Luxury Real Estate Market in Marbella: Analysis of 2022 and Forecasts for 2023

Carmen Duran - May 9, 2022 - Market Reports

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Marbella, located in the heart of the Costa del Sol in Spain, is one of Europe’s most prestigious luxury destinations. Known for its exceptional climate, which provides over 320 days of sunshine annually, Marbella attracts a discerning international clientele. The city is characterized by an elegant blend of tradition and modernity, with cobblestoned streets, white houses, and a modern offering of services and amenities.

Marbella’s beaches are world-renowned, stretching over 27 kilometers of golden coastline. These are not only places to relax under the sun but also centers of social and sporting activity. Moreover, Marbella features numerous championship golf courses, top-tier tennis clubs, and exclusive marinas such as Puerto Banús, where luxury yachts gather and designer shops and high-end restaurants line the waterfront.

Marbella’s appeal is enhanced by its cultural offerings, including art galleries, festivals, and events that attract a cosmopolitan audience. The safety, high quality of life, and well-developed infrastructure make Marbella not only a holiday destination but also a privileged place to live permanently or own a second home.

Purpose and Scope of the Report

This report aims to provide a comprehensive and detailed overview of the luxury real estate market in Marbella for the year 2022, as well as to project trends and potential scenarios for 2023. It will examine the market performance in terms of sales volume, price changes, demand, and buyer preferences. Furthermore, it will identify key areas of interest and the most significant real estate developments of the period.

The scope of the report includes an in-depth analysis of how global economic factors such as inflation, monetary policies, and demographic changes are shaping the local market. It will also explore the impact of new legislation and fiscal policies, including the advantages Spain offers to digital nomads and foreign investors. This document is aimed at investors, real estate developers, industry agents, and potential buyers who seek to understand the dynamics of the high-end market and make informed decisions based on solid data and expert analysis.

3.Analysis of the Luxury Real Estate Market in 2022

The year 2022 marked a turning point for the luxury real estate market in Marbella, characterized by a robust and continuous recovery following the initial impact of the pandemic. This demonstrated a remarkable resilience and adaptability in the face of ongoing global economic fluctuations. According to data collected from various sources, the volume of real estate transactions in Marbella and nearby areas such as Estepona and Benahavís, known as the “Golden Triangle,” saw a significant increase in 2022, continuing the upward trend that began in 2021.

This increase was driven by a combination of pent-up demand and an increase in the number of international buyers who view Marbella as a safe haven and an ideal destination for long-term investments. Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport reported passenger traffic of 18.5 million, a 108% increase compared to 2021, highlighting the rise in tourist and residential activity in the region.

Despite volatility in many international markets, prices of luxury properties in Marbella experienced steady growth. This increase was primarily seen in properties located in premium areas such as the Golden Mile, Puerto Banús, and emerging areas like Nueva Andalucía and Elviria, where properties not only retained their value but also attracted greater interest from high-net-worth buyers.

The Marbella market continued to attract a diverse range of international buyers in 2022, with a notable presence of buyers from Northern Europe, Russia, and increasingly from Eastern European countries like Poland, whose citizens showed growing interest in luxury properties in the region. Additionally, the profile of the buyers remained at an average age of 55 years, reflecting a trend towards established buyers seeking second homes or solid real estate investments.

Demand Trends

The demand in Marbella’s real estate market remained strong throughout 2022, with a particular focus on the following areas:

– Detached villas and properties with land: These properties were highly sought after, given the desire for privacy and ample space that has been reinforced by post-pandemic trends.

– Sustainability and technology: There was a clear increase in demand for homes offering sustainable solutions and advanced technology, reflecting a growing ecological awareness and interest in energy efficiency and technological comfort.

– Full-service residences: Properties offering complete services such as security, maintenance, and luxury amenities like spas, gyms, and direct beach access continued to attract buyers looking for an exclusive and convenient lifestyle.

Impact of the Global Economic Situation on Marbella’s Real Estate Market

The year 2022 was marked by several significant global economic events that influenced Marbella’s real estate market, such as widespread inflation, rising interest rates, and geopolitical uncertainties. These factors had direct and indirect implications on buyer behaviour and investment trends in the region.

Inflation reached levels not seen in decades in many major economies, leading central banks, including the European Central Bank, to raise interest rates to combat it. These changes had several consequences for Marbella’s real estate market:

– Financing cost: The rise in interest rates increased the financing costs for buyers relying on loans to purchase properties. This may have discouraged some potential buyers, especially those with fewer resources to invest in high-value properties.

– Pressure on financed investors: Investors traditionally relying on financing found a more challenging environment, possibly reducing the number of financed transactions and emphasising cash transactions.

– Attractiveness to non-European investors: The strengthening of the dollar against the euro made properties in Marbella more attractive to buyers from the US and other regions whose currencies strengthened compared to the euro. This helped offset some of the decline in local and European demand affected by the economic situation.

– Market as a safe haven: Despite global volatility, Marbella continued to be seen as a safe haven for real estate investment. Spain’s political and economic stability, compared to other regions, attracted investors looking to preserve and increase their capital in a safer environment.

– Capital flows from unstable regions: Geopolitical tensions, such as the conflict in Ukraine, had the indirect effect of prompting investors from Eastern Europe and other affected regions to seek safety in stable real estate markets like Marbella. This resulted in increased demand for luxury properties from these groups.

– Portfolio diversification: Amid uncertainty in the stock and bond markets, real estate in desirable locations like Marbella became an attractive option for diversifying investment portfolios.

– Tax incentives and regulations: Policies implemented at the local and regional level, including the elimination of the wealth tax in Andalusia, created a more favorable environment for investment and residence in Marbella. These measures increased its appeal, particularly among high-net-worth buyers, and contributed to maintaining a steady flow of investment in the real estate market.

Luxury Real Estate Market

3.Buyer Behaviour

The luxury real estate market in Marbella in 2022 was characterized by the diversity and internationality of its buyers. Throughout the year, several key buyer profiles were identified, each with specific preferences reflecting their lifestyles, investment motivations, and responses to the economic and political contexts of their countries of origin.

– European buyers: Mainly from Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and the Nordic countries, these buyers are attracted by the combination of an exceptional climate, high-quality infrastructure, and the legal and social stability offered by Spain. Although Brexit has posed additional challenges, the British remain the largest group of foreign buyers in Marbella. Real estate investment in Marbella offers them an opportunity to secure an asset in a strong currency and in a region they know and value.

– Surge in buyers from Eastern Europe: Particularly, Poles and Russians have increased their presence in the market. The Poles, benefiting from a growing economy and financial stability in their country, have shown increasing interest in properties that offer both leisure opportunities and potential for appreciation. Russians, on the other hand, seek security and stability away from the political and economic uncertainties of their country.

Buyers in Marbella show a decided preference for properties that combine luxury with functionality and sustainability. Detached villas with large gardens and privacy are at the top of the preferences, especially those offering sea views or direct access to golf courses. These properties must not only feature traditional luxury elements but also integrate modern home technologies, energy efficiency, and sustainable materials.

The pandemic has recalibrated needs, making adaptable spaces more valued. Properties with areas that can be easily converted into offices or private exercise spaces are especially appreciated, reflecting the trend towards remote work and a focus on wellness and health.

Gated communities with 24/7 security and integrated concierge services are extremely popular, providing a controlled and secure environment that is ideal for both permanent and holiday residences.

Changes in Buying Trends Due to the Pandemic and Other Global Factors

The COVID-19 pandemic and other significant changes in the global environment have profoundly influenced buying trends in Marbella’s luxury real estate market. These changes have affected not only preferences in the type and location of properties but also how buyers value aspects of their real estate investment.

One of the most notable transformations has been the increase in demand for larger and more versatile properties. Buyers now seek homes that offer ample space to live, work, and relax without leaving the house. Villas with open spaces, generous outdoor areas, and dedicated zones for offices or studios are particularly valued. This reflects a trend towards a more home-centric lifestyle, where comfort and functionality become essential.

The focus on health and wellness has intensified, with buyers now prioritizing features that promote a healthy lifestyle. This includes preferences for properties with private sports facilities, such as gyms, swimming pools, and spa areas. Additionally, proximity to natural spaces for outdoor activities has become a decisive factor for many buyers.

The pandemic has exacerbated the need for privacy and security, prompting buyers to opt for gated communities that offer advanced security and access management systems. Global uncertainty, coupled with increased post-pandemic international mobility, has made security an even more critical priority for luxury property buyers.

There is a growing demand for homes that incorporate sustainability and advanced technology. Today’s buyers are more informed about environmental issues and seek properties that offer renewable energy solutions, sustainable building materials, and smart home technologies that enable a more efficient and connected lifestyle. This not only reflects a commitment to the environment but also a desire for energy efficiency and long-term cost reduction.

Changes in global monetary policy, such as rising interest rates, have begun to reshape the market. Buyers are now more cautious and calculative with their investments, seeking properties that not only meet their personal needs but also offer attractive resale value and long-term appreciation potential. Additionally, fluctuations in exchange rates have influenced the activity of international buyers, who seek to take advantage of currency advantages to maximize their purchasing power.

Forecasts for 2023

As we move into 2023, several emerging trends are expected to influence buyer behaviour in the luxury real estate market in Marbella. These forecasts are based on current patterns, demographic and economic changes, and the evolution of consumer preferences.

Marbella is expected to continue attracting a diverse group of international buyers in 2023. In addition to traditional European and Russian investors, there is expected to be an increase in buyers from Asian and Middle Eastern countries, driven by the economic stability and safe investment opportunities the region offers.

With the consolidation of the visa for digital nomads, more remote workers are anticipated to choose to settle in Marbella, seeking to take advantage of the favourable climate, technological infrastructure, and high quality of life. These buyers tend to prefer properties with modern home offices and high-speed internet connections.

The demand for homes incorporating green technologies and sustainability is expected to grow even further in 2023. Buyers are increasingly informed about environmental impacts and seek properties that offer energy efficiency solutions and environmentally low-impact building materials.

Properties that offer integrated health and wellness services, such as access to personal trainers, spas, and meditation areas, will be even more valued, especially in the post-pandemic context where personal well-being is a priority.

Impact of Global Economic Factors

The ongoing global economic challenges, such as fluctuations in interest rates and inflation, could influence buying behaviour. This might make buyers more cautious and seek to secure investments in properties that offer not only luxury but also a safe long-term appreciation.

Exchange rate fluctuations will continue to affect the ability of international buyers to invest in Marbella. A weak euro could attract more investors outside the eurozone, while a strong euro might deter some.

4.Key Areas of Interest

In 2022, Marbella continued to consolidate its reputation as one of the most luxurious and sought-after destinations for real estate investment. Traditionally recognized areas maintained their appeal, while some emerging areas began to capture the attention of investors and buyers for their development opportunities and appreciation potential.

Traditionally Luxurious Areas

– The Golden Mile: This emblematic area of Marbella stretches from the west of the city center to Puerto Banús and is famous for its luxurious villas, exclusive apartments, and opulent mansions by the sea. The Golden Mile not only offers luxury residential properties but also a vibrant social life with some of the city’s best restaurants, luxury boutiques, and beach clubs. Its ongoing development and service improvements ensure that it remains one of the most coveted areas.

– Puerto Banús: This is one of the most well-known marinas in Europe, attractive not only for its geographical positioning but also for its concentration of luxury shops, entertainment, and nightlife. Properties here are highly valued, especially those offering views of the harbor and direct access to the marina.

– Nueva Andalucía: Known as the “Golf Valley,” Nueva Andalucía is popular for its tranquil atmosphere and proximity to several of Spain’s top golf courses. This area offers a mix of architectural styles, from modern villas to traditional garden apartments, attractive to families and sports enthusiasts alike.

Emerging Areas

– Elviria:  Located to the east of Marbella, Elviria is gaining popularity for its quiet atmosphere and beautiful beaches. This area is seeing significant development of residential projects that offer modern amenities with a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly design, attracting an environmentally conscious demographic.

– Los Monteros: This area is appreciated for its blue flag beach and luxurious properties. With new developments offering cutting-edge designs and advanced home automation technologies, Los Monteros is establishing itself as a hotspot for buyers seeking exclusivity and privacy.

– La Zagaleta: This exclusive development is one of the most luxurious and secure in Europe. With large plots offering stunning views and maximum privacy, La Zagaleta is synonymous with luxury and exclusivity. The continuous development and improvement of its facilities and services ensure its position as one of the most desired destinations for the ultra-rich.

Notable Developments and Projects

Marbella continues to be an epicenter of luxury real estate development, with several notable projects defining the architectural and residential landscape of the region. These projects not only reflect the constant demand for high-end properties but also highlight the region’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

– Renovations in Puerto Banús: This prestigious marina is undergoing an ambitious renovation project aimed at revitalizing its infrastructure and expanding its commercial and residential offerings. The plan includes the modernization of docks, the expansion of pedestrian areas, and the addition of new luxury retail spaces. This renovation aims to reinforce Puerto Banús’s position as one of Europe’s most exclusive destinations for yachting and luxury tourism.

– Expansion of the Golden Mile: The Golden Mile is experiencing developments that seek to maximize its natural appeal and strategic location. New projects include ultra-modern residences with advanced home automation technologies, expansive green areas, and wellness facilities. These developments are designed to attract a global market seeking the perfect balance between luxury and modern comfort.

– Elviria Green Living: In response to growing demand for sustainability, Elviria is developing residential projects that incorporate advanced ecological solutions. These include rainwater harvesting systems, solar panels, and sustainable building materials. The “Elviria Green Living” project is a standout example, offering a low-carbon residential community with a minimal ecological footprint.

– Los Monteros Eco Resort: This new development in Los Monteros offers luxury villas that combine cutting-edge design with sustainability standards. Each villa is equipped with renewable energy systems, superior thermal insulation, and home automation technologies to maximize energy efficiency.

– La Zagaleta Modern Estates: Known for its privacy and exclusivity, La Zagaleta continues to expand with the development of “Modern Estates,” a series of contemporary properties offering panoramic views, state-of-the-art security, and personalized services. This project is designed to attract buyers seeking the ultimate in privacy and luxury.

– Nueva Andalucía Golf Residences: Leveraging its reputation as the “Golf Valley,” Nueva Andalucía is developing new residences that integrate directly with local golf courses. These properties offer direct access to the courses and are equipped with all modern amenities, aimed at attracting golf enthusiasts and families seeking an active and high-standard lifestyle.

These projects reflect the ongoing evolution of Marbella as a leading luxury destination, where architectural innovation and a commitment to sustainability play a crucial role in the region’s appeal. Each development is designed not only to meet the current needs of the market but to anticipate the future demands of a sophisticated global clientele.

2023 Forecasts

Key areas of interest in Marbella are preparing to adapt to new market dynamics, with ongoing development in both established and emerging areas. These forecasts are influenced by current market trends, economic expectations, and changing buyer preferences.

The Golden Mile and Puerto Banús, already established as the epicenters of luxury in Marbella, will continue their trajectory of exclusivity and high demand. Renovation projects and infrastructure improvements are expected to increase their appeal, attracting even more investment in 2023. Developers are likely to invest in modernizing existing properties and in the construction of new residences that offer advanced technologies and sustainability.

Nueva Andalucía will remain highly attractive to golf enthusiasts and families, with a focus on expanding luxury homes that offer panoramic views and direct access to golf courses. Development will continue to focus on combining residential living with access to high-quality leisure services.

Elviria and Los Monteros are positioned for significant growth in 2023. With increasing demand for homes that offer a balance between access to nature and proximity to urban amenities, Elviria and Los Monteros will see new developments that stand out for their sustainability and modern design. Projects are likely to include residential communities with extensive green areas, recreational facilities, and ecological technologies.

Luxury Real Estate Market

5.Luxury Market Segmentation

The luxury real estate market in Marbella is highly segmented, with various property categories catering to different needs and preferences of buyers. This segmentation is crucial for understanding market dynamics and the emerging trends that influence purchasing and development decisions.

Trends and Most Demanded Properties

– High-end villas: Detached villas with exclusive features such as private pools, large gardens, and sea views continue to be the most in demand in Marbella. These properties attract buyers looking for privacy, space, and uncompromised luxury.

– Luxury apartments and penthouses: There is a growing demand for luxury apartments and penthouses, especially in areas close to the center and on the Golden Mile. These offer security, premium facilities (such as gyms, spas, and indoor pools), and advanced home technology. They are particularly popular among those seeking an easy-to-maintain second residence or investors wishing to rent to high-level tourists.

– Serviced residences: Residences that offer full services, such as concierge, 24/7 security, maintenance, and recreational activities, are gaining popularity. These services add considerable value for buyers who value convenience and a resort-style lifestyle.

6.Higher Market Value

– Beachfront Locations: Properties with direct beach access or unobstructed sea views command the highest prices and are in high demand. The exclusivity of these locations and limited availability make these properties highly valued investments.

– Golf Course Properties: Marbella is renowned for its world-class golf courses, and properties located on or near these courses are extremely valued. They offer a tranquil and green lifestyle, with easy access to the sports and social facilities of the club.

2023 Forecasts

Detached villas with premium features will continue to be highly sought after in 2023. Properties that offer generous spaces, high privacy, and exclusive locations, particularly those with sea views or situated on the front lines of golf courses, are expected to experience robust demand. The trend towards remote work and quality of life will continue to drive this demand.

Luxury apartments and penthouses with smart technologies and sustainable design will see an increase in demand. These properties will particularly attract international buyers and young professionals looking for convenience, security, and a sophisticated urban lifestyle within a luxurious setting.

As environmental awareness intensifies, properties with eco-certifications and sustainable features are expected to gain superior value in the market. These properties not only reduce operational costs for owners but also appeal to a growing market segment concerned about the environmental impact of their investments.

7.Impact of Policies and Legislation

Local, regional, and national policies and legislation play a crucial role in shaping the luxury real estate market in Marbella. These regulations can significantly influence supply and demand dynamics, as well as property valuations.

Elimination of Wealth Tax in Andalusia: In 2022, Andalusia eliminated the wealth tax, a measure that has been very well received by investors and luxury homeowners. This policy has made Marbella even more attractive to high-net-worth buyers, as it significantly reduces the annual costs associated with owning luxury properties.

Solidarity Tax: Nationally, the Spanish government introduced a new “Solidarity Tax” on large fortunes, affecting those with a net worth over 3 million euros. While this measure aims to redistribute wealth, it could have implications for the luxury real estate market, possibly discouraging some foreign investors or high-net-worth residents.

Digital Nomad Visas: Spain has also introduced visas for digital nomads, making it easier for remote workers from outside the EU to live and work in the country for extended periods. This policy could increase the demand for properties in Marbella, as the city offers excellent quality of life and connectivity, highly valued by this demographic.

Review of the General Urban Planning Scheme (PGOU)

Marbella’s PGOU  has been under review and updated to better suit the modern needs of the city and its residents. The new urban planning aims to balance residential development with the conservation of natural surroundings and historical resources. These updates are vital to ensure that the growth of the real estate sector is sustainable and coordinated, protecting the values that make Marbella an attractive destination.

Luxury Real Estate Market

Impact of Vacation Rental Legislation

Regulations on vacation rentals have been adjusted to better control this practice in Marbella. These laws aim to ensure that vacation rentals do not displace permanent residents or alter the character of residential communities. While these regulations may limit some investment opportunities, they can also stabilize the residential market and maintain the quality of life in highly touristic areas.


The luxury real estate market in Marbella has shown significant dynamics in 2022, with strong indicators of growth and adaptation to changing economic and social conditions. As we look towards 2023, forecasts suggest that this market will continue to evolve in response to technological innovations, shifting buyer preferences, and the ongoing impact of policies and legislation. Here we summarize the key points of the analysis and expectations for the coming year:

Market Resilience and Growth

Marbella has proven to be a resilient and attractive market, maintaining its demand and value even in times of global economic uncertainty. The abolition of the wealth tax in Andalusia and the introduction of the digital nomad visa are policies that will likely further strengthen its appeal as a destination for investment and luxury living.

Changes in Buyer Behavior

Buyer behavior in 2023 will be influenced by an increased demand for properties that offer not only luxury but also sustainability, advanced technology, and flexibility to accommodate both remote and active lifestyles. Traditionally popular areas will continue to be attractive, while emerging areas will gain interest due to their appreciation potential and focus on sustainability.

Technology and Innovation

The integration of technology in Marbella’s real estate market will intensify, with advances in home automation, virtual reality, and sustainable construction technologies defining new developments. These innovations not only improve the quality of life for residents but also help preserve the long-term value of properties.

Impact of Urban Planning and Sustainability

The revised General Urban Planning Scheme (PGOU) and policies focused on sustainable development will be crucial in guiding Marbella’s future growth. Regulations that promote eco-friendly and energy-efficient constructions will help Marbella maintain its reputation as one of the most luxurious and environmentally conscious real estate destinations in Europe.

In summary, Marbella positions itself as a vibrant and evolving luxury real estate market, capable of attracting a demanding global clientele. With its unique combination of natural beauty, high-quality infrastructure, and a progressive approach to urban development and sustainability, Marbella is well-positioned to remain a leader in the luxury real estate market in the coming years.

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