Bedur Khneidi

Born in Aleppo Syria, spent my primary school years in Kuwait, then went back to Syria where I continued my education and obtained my university degree in English literature.

Bedur stands out as a beacon of multicultural expertise in the bustling real estate landscape of Marbella. Fluent in Arabic, English, and Spanish, her ability to communicate and connect with a diverse clientele is not just impressive—it’s instrumental in crafting personalized real estate experiences. At Pure Living Properties, Bedur is in charge of Property Management. She is more than a salesperson; she is a guide, an ally, and a facilitator, bringing a global perspective to the local market.

I believe that no matter how small a problem or situation is, it should be resolved in the quickest time possible. This way our clients know from the very beginning that we are not just any ordinary service provider, but that we are a trusted team to take care of their property or their family during their stay in Marbella. And that is my goal.

Bedur Khneidi

Property Consultant & Property Management
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