The properties that Queen Elizabeth II most frequented throughout her reign

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In honor of Queen Elizabeth II this is the compilation of some of the most representative properties that belonged to the British monarch and the ones she frequented the most throughout her life.

How many properties belonged to the Queen of England?
Although the British crown owns a wide variety of properties throughout the United Kingdom, including rest houses, castles and fortresses, these are the most important properties that belonged exclusively to Queen Elizabeth II.

Buckingham Palace.

Being the queen’s official place of residence for much of her reign, and located in the epicentre of London, Buckingham Palace was opened in 1705. The main area of this enclosure has no less than 775 rooms in total, including 19 state rooms, 52 real and guest rooms, 188 staff rooms, 92 offices and 78 bathrooms.Currently, it is the official residence of all members of the British crown when they are in London, and the place where the current King of England, Charles III, is currently located.

palacio de buckingham

Windsor Castle.

Another of Queen Elizabeth’s estates is Windsor Castle, which she first moved to during World War II with her sister Margaret.
This is the residence the Queen used to visit in Windsor on weekends, and where she spent most of the lockdown in the pandemic. It is also the place where he lived with Prince Philip of Edinburgh.
This castle has hosted numerous important events such as the wedding of Harry and Megan, and is the place where the queen will be buried next to her husband.
The castle is divided into different buildings, all surrounded by beautiful gardens. These buildings are: The round tower, The entrance to the state apartments where the dollhouse is, the castle in general and finally the chapel of St George.


Castillo de Windsor

Holyrood Palace.

Located in the city of Edinburgh,  Holyrood Palace was the official Scottish residence of Queen Elizabeth and the entire British crown.
Originally founded as a monastery in 1128, it has hosted several key figures in royal history, including Mary Queen of Scots and Oliver Cromwell.
The Queen used to visit this place every summer, specifically the last week of June and the first week of July, in what was called the “Holyrood Week”, at which time the Queen performed a series of royal duties in the north of the country.



 Balmoral Castle.

Also located in Scotland, Balmoral Castle is the residence where the Queen spends the summer period.Although the castle and estate were purchased for Queen Victoria by her husband, Prince Albert, in 1852, he considered this to be too small, so they built an additional castle, which still stands. Currently reaches 260 square kilometers

Castillo de Balmoral


It is considered the country house of the British monarchy and has a total of 32 square km of land.
Sandringham’s house is said to have been one of the Queen’s favourite houses and although it was her place of residence in summer, she also used to frequent the winter months. This place is where the Queen receives the Royal Family at Christmas, although it is also known for hosting the family’s annual Christmas walk and services at the nearby Church of St. Mary Magdalene.

Hillsborough Castle.

Hillsborough Castle was the official residence of Queen Elizabeth in Northern Ireland, and is used by family members when travelling on official visits to this country.
Built in the 1770s, the house is surrounded by stunning lands surrounding the castle that are a real wonder, with its fantastic combination of forests, wild meadows and ornamental gardens somewhat more formal 100 acres of gardens.It is also the official residence of the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.
This castle, which is technically a georgian house typical of Ireland, perfectly mixes the history of the British crown with the specific customs and traditions of the lands of Northern Ireland.


Castillo de Hillsborough

Without a doubt, the architectural style of all these properties is unique and unmatched. Each of these castles mark the history of a geographical area within a country as rich historically as the United Kingdom. Queen Elizabeth II with more than 70 years of reign and making active use of all these castles, will also be part of this entire legacy.

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